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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


what's the good word, people. i realize haven't blogged in over 10 months, but i vow to not let you-die-now, well die. but not a lot has happened. i didn't move overseas. i didn't move back. i didn't have teeth yanked, reel in real swedish fish, switch jobs, write the soundtrack to a film, starfuck with the guy from west wing and billy madison, or visit the olympic village in vancouver. and i definitely didn't sell a gay childless couple some babies off the black market. it's been the same old shit.

so, in the spirit of my inactivity, i've decided to come up with a complete list of the most unimportant things ever:

  • kid rock - he rhymes the word 'things' with... 'things.' several times. irredeemable behavior at best. oh, and even though it's a logical option, try not to kill yourself while listening to that shitty song.
  • sarah palin groupies - behold their collective stupidity.
  • service oriented web enterprise portal technology

    oh and my band didn't record a new album, so don't check us out on saturday, october 18 at jammin' java at 6pm...

    [...if you care, right at this instant i hear within temptation the silent force...]