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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


brad mehldau trio - covering 'exit music (for a film)' by radiohead

radiohead can be represented in any list ever created; even ones that include any or all of the following words in its title: 'greatest', 'worst' 'sports' 'dunks' 'terrell' 'owens' 'video games', 'ever.'

(those were real lists on speaking of which, espn should no longer be considered a credible journalistic outlet anymore. i'm not sure they really were in the first place, but they definitely masquerade as one. that's ac slater in the pic hosting some espn show, people. ac fucking slater.

furthermore, any group that has to resort to the likes of a kid rock giving his angle on anything while on the 'budweiser hot seat' (jeez) should immediately be stripped of its associated press-ship. and the espys?? what kind of pretentious bullshit is that? for starters, it's called the 'espys', as in 'ESP(N)ys'. for the love of christ, why even bother with such a crass display of faux-exclusivity? was the domain 'http://espn.espnespyawards.espn/~espn.html' already taken? seriously though, this is totally a different (and nauseating) topic altogether.

but since i'm a hypocrite, i'm going to continue watching/reading/ogling...)

so mehldau's freakish technique somehow manages to accentuate his insane talent rather than deter from it. just check out the clip about 2 and a half minutes in, where it looks like he's trying to multitask by playing a sick solo while keeping a cell phone secure between his chin and shoulder. that, or he's trying to hide a massive goiter from the crowd. whatever.

napoleon dynamite makes a surprise appearance on bass too.

the only thing knocking this version down a peg is the 'louder than a locomotive' ride cymbal the drummer is clearly trying to rape with his sticks. and violently to boot. give that shit a rest and tittyfuck a hi-hat once in a while - it won't kill you.


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