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Thursday, July 27, 2006


two random argentinian dudes - covering 'sunday bloody sunday' by u2

what is it with that country? their chief export is this. thus creating such things like this. which somehow begat this.

and now:

btw, rightfully fork over my golden ball - i found yet another doppelganger, this time for our portly monstrocity mentioned above. raza azteca!! or not, whatevs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm...having lived in Argentina for 11 months I just want to say that they chiefly export beef, leather goods, are an oil producing nation and are home of the tango. So, keep your crack in Columbia loser. Love Silly-Rose

12:07 PM

Blogger y0u d!3 n0w said...

you obviously didn't get to live in any of the fun parts of argentina. and what do you think they feed your precious, precious beef? national geographic says cocaine and ground homeless people. they also say you smell.

2:31 PM


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