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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


cradle of filth - 'hallowed be thy name,' iron maiden

another metal shout out.

it seems that any search request in youtube will return a mind boggling array of random scenes from some random anime flick. i get it, people. to you 29 year-old virgins who feel that providing the world with your favorite scene of a squid from outer space fucking a shapely japanese geisha with big eyes and small mouth, not to mention setting it to some metallica song, will legitimize your aversion to actual human contact: cheers, i get it.

but try it sometime. go to and search for any word or phrase out of an ordinary dictionary. take, oh i dunno, 'hot lunch,' and you'll get clip screen captures that look like this crap.

and i definitely don't need this when all i want to do is watch is a clip of psycho sid justice blowing out both of his legs on live tv. i guess all of this explains the clip below. the song is set to some corn-studded turd of a japanese cartoon since no real vid exists.

(crm team lead, this is a chance for you to pull up your favorite excel spreadsheet about enterprise metadata configuration strategies and ignore the visuals altogether - call it an 'optic sorbet' if you want.)


Blogger M-dor said...

Cannot pay attention to song...still giggling about Anime joke...silly anime fans...

6:08 PM


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